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Pro Membership With Laminated ID

Item number: ID002LAM

You will receive your laminated US Press Association Press ID via FedEx, UPS, USPS or DHL.

Your name and other information will be encoded in the barcode. You will get a US PRESS ASSOCIATION membership certificate. The certificate will look great framed and make a great addition to your home, den, office or anywhere! You will also get a US Press Association window hanger for you to display on you rear view mirror.
Pro members are also able to create their own unique blog on the USPS website in addition to being able to submit photos, video, articles and other content.

Your name and PRESS ID number will be added to our online journalist registry for people to verify your ID anytime.
*ADDITIONAL YEAR ADDED TO YOUR MEMBERSHIP(not available with promotional offer)*. Standard ID card wallet size or choose 4x6.
(5mil Polypropylene Plastic).

Please be sure to specify if you wish to be a Contributing or Non-Contributing member. Submissions can be any original (writing, audio, video or other media). All members receive credential assistance, contributing members can receive credential assistance and assignment letters from the editor upon request.

Images of the US Press Association ID are representations of the ID you will receive. We do not display the identical USPA ID to ensure our members receive a 100% genuine form of identification and to prevent forgery.

*New Option* Pay 2 payments of $75.00

Price:  $ 99.00
Shipping costs first product:  $ 9.75
Shipping costs additional products:  $ 4.95

US Domestic Or International:
Pro (Shipped) Multi Year:
Add Equipment ID Tags:
Co-branded Member ID (Publication, Organization, Company Name Listed On ID):
Number of products: 

Don't be fooled by sites that use stock photos of reporters, photographers & journalists. You may even find websites offering "Free Press Credentials", however they keep NO records of their members. If there is no record, what are you really becoming a part of? Will they be there when you need them?

We are the original. The USPA! We are here to support our members and to help them achieve their goals!

History speaks for itself. 

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