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Read/Post Comment: 0 Posted by Charles Devin


At approximately 3:25 AM local time, a significant earthquake hit Northern California. The epicenter of the quake, near Napa, California, is about 30 miles north of Berkely. Many have gone to social media to post pictures and video of the quake. A 6.0 earthquake on alluvial soil can lead to real damage. A look at the map showing the epicenter reveals that it is near the mouth of the Napa River, on what should be alluvial soil.


It is also quite close to Napa Airport, in an area that has some commercial and industrial facilities. The City of Napa is nearby and is comparatively densely populated. 
There are television reports of a gas main on fire in downtown Napa, and fires burning in homes and trailer parks. Supermarkets near the epicenter are reportedly full of goods on the floors. Highway 29, the main highway going up the Napa Valley is reported closed. But fortunately, so far no reports of injuries, but it is still early and. Wineries may be also be impacted seriously due to the storage process of large barrels stacked on racks and  held in place by gravity. If there was serious shaking, they could collapse.





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