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As technology continues to accelerate our lives, sitting still and reflecting on what matters most can be difficult. We bring so much more to our experiences and relationships when we make time to think in a powerful way. Those who are busiest are the ones who are most in need of a break. Off the Grid, Into the Heart offers those moving at a steady pace in life a chance to step inside the heart, even as the busy scenes continue. 

As technology accelerates our lives, many of us feel an urgent need to get off the grid, slow down, feel safe, and loved. Did you know that researchers in the new field of "interruption science" have found that it takes an average of twenty-five minutes to recover from a simple telephone call. Consider how many calls, texts, and emails, you make and receive in a day. We might be feeling that we never have enough time to catch up. So, our thoughts spin a million miles a minute with no easy way out. Some may consider getting off the grid, physically, by running away to a tropical island, or moving to the mountains and settle into a small little cabin where no one can find you. Instead, it invites us to stay in the midst of the chaos and use all the varied scenes of life to pull us deeper into acknowledging why living a life of love is so essential to our basic survival.

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