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Penalized for having a job? By Stacy Erby 3-13-2015 Some may wonder why some people have no desire for getting a better job or even getting a job at all. One if the reasons could be that they get penalized for doing just that. There is yet another reason for not improving yourself. This year some of the people that used the Market place for affordable health care last year are having trouble with the IRS. We will look at one person’s journey through the process of using “The Premium Tax Credit”. We will call this man John; he like others was laid off in the first part of 2014. Wanting to follow the rules and not have the fine on his taxes he went to HealthCare.Gov and filled out all the required information and was honest with every detail. He had his choices and selected the plan he felt was right for him. He made the election to use The Premium Tax Credit and offset the cost of the insurance. It was a struggle having to pay while unemployed and living off his limited savings. Just past the half way point in 2014 John found a job. He called the insurance company and cancelled his insurance as his new job offered healthcare. The job did not pay what he had made at his previous job and things were still a struggle at times. When John filed his tax return he was looking forward to his return that would help get more of his bills caught up. That is not the case. John was notified that he had underpaid for his insurance. It was said he had to pay more out of his tax refund for the amount that was undercharged for 2014. What happened was the amount John paid was based on his predicated income for the year. When John got his new job that increased the amount of income he made for the year. This is how they are saying he owes them more money for the insurance he paid fully every month. Is this right according to the IRS it is. If you want more information you can visit the IRS web site at “” When one gets a job and is still penalized for doing what is right then where is the incentive to work. This is where we need our elected officials to speak up in our defense. After attempting to speak with several Texas State Representatives none would comment officially. Unofficially they will get back with me after they have time to investigate. I look forward to their reply and will share more next time. Next time we will hear from hospital officials on their views of how this will affect the care of patients. 

Submitted by Stacy L Erby
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