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Your Chance To Win - The Worlds First Wearable Device For Musicians

Your Chance To Win - The Worlds First Wearable Device For Musicians #Soundbrenner
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The global launch on March 31st of the world's first wearable device for musicians is getting close!
We've kept you in suspense around the device and you have been extremely patient with us. Thank you so much! In return for your support, we want to grant you exclusive access to the launch page a full 24 hours before the rest of the world. The page will also include special introductory pricing that will expire after a day, so make sure to check your inbox on March 30th!
New Features
Musicians spoke and we listened. When testing the Soundbrenner device with musicians, we learned that people wanted to wear it on different parts of their body depending on their personal preference and the instrument they play. So we designed it as a modular device that can be worn either on the arm or leg. This module can be inserted into bands that come in various sizes.
The Soundbrenner device can also be personalized for your individual style! We've included the latest RGBW LED technology which lets you choose any imaginable color for the LED of your device from within the Soundbrenner smartphone app!
Pre-launch Giveaway
We’re giving away free Soundbrenner devices to our early supporters. When developing our product, we set ourselves an ambitious goal: to empower people all over the world to become better musicians. That's why we want every musician on the planet to know about Soundbrenner. By sharing our project, you can help us make that a reality. And there’s something in it for you too! You can win one of five complete Soundbrenner Kits which include the device, two bands, the charging station and our mobile app.

Simply click below and share the competition with your friends for more chances to win. Winners will be announced on March 30th!

Soundbrenner in the Media!

And finally we'd like to celebrate our recent media coverage with you! Soundbrenner has been recently featured in a story picked up by major media outlets including the New York Times, The Huffington Post and many more.

Only 10 more days until we can show you everything about the device!
We couldn’t have made it without you. Thanks for all your support!

Co-founder & CEO
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