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Chicago, IL – March 25, 2015 – After having successfully completed a Seed Chicago Kickstarter fundraising program last fall, urban Vermiculture pioneers Nature's Little Recyclers have again been selected as a candidate for the next round of the City's program for crowdfunding support. To celebrate the launch of the new funding program, they will be hosting an event at the Chicago Innovation Exchange (1452 E. 53rd Street) on Tuesday, April 14, 2015. The Seed Chicago initiative, launched in 2013 by World Business Chicago as part of Mayor Emanuel’s Plan for Economic Growth & Jobs, in partnership with Accion Chicago, provides a way to support small business and community development initiatives through non-traditional funding channels such as internet-based Kickstarter. Nature's Little Recyclers' new campaign is themed “No More Landfills”, and seeks resources for upgrading their facilities to process more waste that would otherwise be heading to overstressed area dumps. This innovative green-tech company has developed new systems for recycling organic waste via worm composting in an urban factory setting where worms consume up to half their weight in trash per day, and produce high-quality “vermicast” compost for the city's urban gardening ventures. The event is open to the public, but requires (free) on-line registration via the Eventbrite service at CLICK HERE

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Nature's Little Recyclers – CLICK HERE Chicago Innovation Exchange - CLICK HERE Accion Chicago - CLICK HERE World Business Chicago - CLICK HERE

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