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The Afghan Taliban have released this weekend the biography of their historic leader, Mullah Omar, a surprise move aimed, analysts say, to counter the growing influence of the organization Islamic State (EI) within the jihadist movement local.
Afghan officials report a few months of progression of IE, while former commanders Taliban unhappy with their current leadership have pledged allegiance to this organization that controls swathes of Iraq and Syria .The biography in English of Mullah Omar, online Sunday on the official website of the insurgents, marks the 19th anniversary of the designation of the Taliban supreme leader April 4, 1996 at a rally in Kandahar, in the south-western Afghanistan.The text presents Mullah Omar as still involved in "jihadist activities," a way for the insurgents to silence local rumors that their blind commander would actually dead.Despite the fact that "he is constantly hunted by the enemy, no change and no disturbances were observed in his work routine," says the biography. "It monitors and supervises (...) activities against cruel foreign invaders," it added.Peppered with anecdotes of combat, the biography will qualify to the RPG-7 anti-tank grenade launcher Russian confection, "preferred weapon" Mullah Omar of the mysterious, the US promise to ten million dollars for information leading to his capture.Advertising surprise this short biography Mullah Omar "has several strategic aspects," said AFP Sayedi Ahmed, a specialist in the Taliban movement. "The most important of them is to counter Daech" Arabic acronym of the organization Islamic State (EI), at the local level, he said."This announcement is also intended to show that Mullah Omar is alive, he is alive and well and still has control as the supreme leader of the Taliban," said Mr Sayedi.Mullah Omar is considered "the Emir of the Faithful" by the Taliban and Al Qaeda. But in recent months, Taliban fighters said they had changed their tune to swear allegiance to the head of EI, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, who proclaimed a caliphate on areas of Syria and Iraq.
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