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A fire broke out today in one of the camps for displaced people in Khanaqin, burning 43 tents without causing any casualties. “A fire broke out in Ain Kawa camp east of Khanaqin as a result of an accident caused by an "oven" due to storms that spread the fire to dozens of tents near the scene" the manager of Khanaqin migration , Ghazi Ali Agha told our source. Agha said that the incident burned 43 tents and injured a number of displaced people as well as causing material damageAgha attributed the cause of the fire to the convergence of tents and not leaving safe distances as is typically required by (UNHCR). Khanaqin camps have been subjected to incidents of fires over the past year, and claimed the lives of a number of displaced peopleThe camps for displaced people in Khanaqin is home to about 14,000 families who have been displaced from the security tension areas in Diyala after the invasion of ISIS to several areas in Diyala over the past months.
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