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The Spurs Fan Cave had the pleasure of interviewing local San Antonio artist David Blancas in his studio located at 2505 S.Presa Street. Walking into David Blancas studio you are immediately struck by awe-inspiring artwork hanging on the walls. David Blancas is a true visionary as he mixes different mediums to create art that is both unique and visually stunning. The highlights of the studio are his original pieces of San Antonio Spurs art that included Coach Pop, Tony Parker, Bruce Bowen, and Tim Duncan. David was kind enough to share some of his other pieces which included a huge life-size Loteria and a Paleta inspired by the now iconic Star Wars scene of Han Solo frozen in carbonite. Interviewing David Blancas was both an honor and a privilege and we invite the San Antonio community to support this local artist, to find out more about David[link][go to his website/link]. Joe Garcia, [link][Spurs Fan Cave/link]
Submitted by Joe Garcia

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