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In the history of Public Places such as Parks, you may never hear of avoiding people from coming or even witnessing army forces or guns. Since Afghanistan experienced decades of war and violence in addition of low rate of literacy and urbanism, you will see a horrible contrast when you watch a park from the fence surrounding it! It’s not fair to claim the illiterate ramblers and bazar crowd,for being unfamiliar with citizenship, culture and urbanism, all the time. There are numerous NGOs’ Civil Society organizations, Social Commentators, Semi Intellectuals and many other bluffers all around the country shouting, the reforms, changes and amendments, but are they really fighting for it?? Millions of Dollars came for Rehabilitation of Afghanistan, and a huge amount assigned for the Civil Society projects, implemented by the mentioned organizations, National or International. It’s obvious that the most of the moneys are spent on Constructions and useless seminars, meetings, workshops, training sessions and courses, where actions and real works” Touchable” are so vital. Let’s just concentrate on the recent issue I stressed on! Despite the security problems, crucial situations and wars all over the country, cant the claimed civil societies, NGOs’ and Cultural Departments , let the Public Places and Parks to be really public for everyone’s use, in addition of mainlining their security? But not closing the door and avoiding people to inter by Army forces and huge guns? Don’t we deserve to relax a while, after a busy tension- full, horrible, risky day, with possibility of dying, kidnapping or looted any moment? I hope us, the ones claiming and expecting changes just think a while and see around. And I wish the international donors and supporters to assess and research more, when funding projects. Please teach us how to fish, but not giving us a sardine!!

Submitted by Parwiz Rahimi
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