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Monday 28 November 2016
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Joshua Christensen takes his love of Venice Beach and creates a swimwear line. He titles this casual beach and swimwear with his a play on his initial (J.C the collection name J. Sea). This collection feature men and women's swimwear with casual wear for a day at the beach.
Christensen created the spring summer 2017 collection from inspiration while at the beach. He enjoys the beach each Sunday with a group of friends. He realized there are just a few items that would make the day at the beach more comfortable and enjoyable.
The clothing is full of coverups for men and women with easy fun fabrics. The coverups developed after a beach photo shoot when the men did not have something to cover up during down time. The swimwear is fitting, comfortable, and great prints. Christensen's swimwear brings fun to your water adventures.
Christensen is from the great town, Snohomish WA. When he was 19 he moved to Argentina to serve and teach for 2 years. He graduated from BYU and started a regular banking job. He realized that he was not happy with this life path.
Christensen moved to LA on his dream of fashion design. He completed top of his Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. He then took on a next great adventure with Project Runway. He states, "This experience brought the reality of the harshness of the industry. Working with the criticism. Heidi Klum's ripping you a new butt hole you know you can move forward. This is the worse criticism you will get. Time to move forward."
Christensen returned to LA upon elimination. He worked at Guess as a menswear designer. He loved the experience, but wanted to use his inspiration and talent for his own business. He set up shop in a studio apartment. He works with private clients and has a boutique in downtown LA. His custom designs work with Galvin PR.
Christensen has taken ownership of his brand, design, and production. He will continue to bring exclusive designs for the runway and clients worldwide.

Submitted by Tammy Forchion

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Monday 21 November 2016
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Arianna Grande is Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards at the Microsoft Theater. This honor was presented after a fan based voting earlier in the year. Grande graced the runway, performance, and award acceptance with her personal styling and beauty.
Grande arrives on the red carpet wearing Alexander McQueen white wide leg pants with a Sarrieri Half Cup Demi vintage bustier lace top. The season's trend is adding that vintage period piece to your modern styling. This piece is a great selection adding sweet romance to the evening. The shoe for the evening is Ruthie Davis Cara Boots. This is perfect as the red carpet is damp from the rain.
Her make-up for the red carpet is simple neutrals with a bold matted purple lip. The jewelry designed by Irit Design. A perfect high pony tail (her signature hair) is a nice touch to the simple styling for the red carpet. Grande presents a great style with a strong confidence on the red carpet.
Grande's style changed from the sweet romance to the sexy jungle for her performance of "Side of Side" from Grande's "Dangerous Woman" album. Her performance with Nicki Minaj included half naked back up dancers.
She kept the high pony tail wrapped with with a Maxior hair gold cuff. Her outfit was a one shoulder leaf printed crop top and mini skirt. This is custom design is from Baja East. The fish net stockings complete the sexy jungle. This styling added a strong sex appeal to Grande's performance of sexual equality of bump and grind.
The night closes with Grande receiving Artist of The Year. She kept with the red carpet styling theme. She added a vintage piece with her jewelry. Her sweet earrings and necklace from Doves by Doron Paloma are a classic timeless feel.
She wears a black crop top designed by Derek Lam. Her slouchy white pants designer Proenza Schouler. The pants continued with the flair bottoms, but the top featured a wrap around effect. She wears the same boots from the red carpet.
Her hair remained in her well known high pony tailed wrapped in black. Grande's makeup was the neutrals with a bold matted lip.
Grande dedicates the award to her fans. She thanks her fans for their continued support of her music and career. Her grandmother Marjorie Grande joins her for the award winning evening. Congrats Ariana Grande on the successful evening.

Submitted by Tammy Forchion

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Tuesday 08 November 2016
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Loretta Swit joins us on the red carpet at Metropolitan Fashion Week. She walks the red carpet with grace, beauty, and joy. She is wearing an elegant red gown that she designed.
Swit is best know for her Emmy® winning role Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan on M*A*S*H. This role takes place during the Korean War. She is a strong woman in a medical army camp. She is the mistress of Major Frank Burns. Many men had a love interest in her character.
Houlihan provided a woman’s insight to working in a male dominated arena, but great girl power. Swit speaks about her role as, “this character did this in the 50s as a woman. This television show’s time period was when most women were starting to define their role. Not only this, but the series took place in the 70s when women’s roles were still being redefined. She brought a reality that women are strong, influential, and powerful. I loved playing this powerful role.”
Swit is excited to see the role of women continue to be defined and change. She said, “Look at the election this year. Hillary Clinton has brought the first presidential nominated woman. She commands and brings a strong resume to the nomination.” Swit beamed as she discussed the role that women bring to the home, business, and world.
Swit’s most popular role is not her only acting role. Swit’s acting roles include Same Time, Next Year on Broadway, Any Wednesday, Mame, and 1000 performances of Shirley Valentine. She had a show, Those Incredible Animals, seen on the Discovery Channel, The Animal Planet and in 30 countries.
She was honored with The Sarah Siddons Award for her performance in Shirley Valentine. Swit honors are numerous from 2 Emmys, People Choice Awards, The Genie Award, The Silver Satellite Award, and 6 Golden Globe nominations to name a few. She is named Woman of the Year from the Animal Protection Institute and International Fund for Animal Welfare. Her love for animals is demonstrated in her new book “Switheart.”
Swit works with National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. This foundation provides relief and strength in training rescued dog for first responders. The dogs are trained and paired with a firefighter at no cost to the department. This training takes the dog from rescue to a contributing member of the community.
Swit is being honored with The GES Africa Conservation Fund's 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award for Animal Conservation for her passion and commitment to animals. Metropolitan Fashion Week in Los Angeles sponsor, GES Africa Conservation Fund, is the leading Wildlife Management operation in South Africa.
Metropolitan Fashion Week is a growing fashion week with presentations in Seattle, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and soon in New York. The fashion week provided exceptional fashion, honors, awareness for Autism, and an exceptional event for all attending. Swit states, “She is honored to be attending this event.” We wish Swit a belated 79th birthday. Swit continues to influence in film, art, fashion, and a powerful woman.
Connect with Loretta Swit Here:

Submitted by Tammy Forchion

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4Chion Lifestyle Attending Style Fashion Week Palm Springs
4Chion Lifestyle (pronounced Fortune) announces they are attending Style Fashion Week. Fashion week will be in Palm Springs for Fashion Week. We are covering November 11, 2016.
Designers presenting this evening include: Joshua Christensen, Shanna Gall, Bohimi Couture, Mario De La Torre, Richard Hallmarq, and Sabrina & Mannings.
Join our free online Facebook event for exclusive insights to Fashion Week Palm Springs. Connect with 4Chion Lifestyle on: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+.
Our official hash tag is #4chionStyle. The following hashtags will be using #StyleFW #Fashion and #StyleFWPS during the event.
4Chion Lifestyle will bring you the best of fashion from Palm Springs with Style Fashion Week. Style Fashion Week brings fashion runways worldwide. They provide a marketplace for brands to display, sell, and networking.
“Style Fashion Week, producer of globally recognized fashion events, provides top designers a world class platform to showcase their collections. Each year Style Fashion Week presents the seasons must see shows, unforgettable performances and exclusive installations. Our expansive Style Marketplace immerses guests in fashion as well as art and design. Guests directly engage with brands throughout the week.”
The Palm Springs Convention Center will provide a beautiful location in the California Desert. The event will take place in beautiful tents under the beautiful evening sky.
Style Fashion Week sponsors and supporters include: Markable VIP, Stellina Di Notte, Blossom Social, Susan G Koman, Bubble Fish Media, P.S. Resorts, City of Palm Springs, and many more.
4Chion Lifestyle is your location for beauty, fashion, red carpet, celebrity, and more. 4Chion Lifestyle provides lifestyle worldwide. Our team is dedicated to bringing the highest quality lifestyle for your best styling, fashion, and beauty needs.
4Chion Lifestyle is a division of 4Chion Marketing. 4Chion Marketing is an experienced marketing firm to provide your company with current and updated marketing services. We focus on your business' ability to continue to grow. We are Certified Online Marketing Professionals. 4Chion provides traditional and Internet marketing services.
### [blockquote]Contact: -email- Website: Fashion Week:[/blockquote]
Submitted by Tammy Forchion

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