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BSA Images Of The Week: 04.10.16
Editorz, 10 Apr 12:02 AM
  Our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring 3rd World Pirate, A Pill NYC, Anglo, Augustine Kofie, Balu, CB23, City Kitty, Icy & Sot, Jerk Face, Jetski, LX One, Solus, Swiz, and WK Interact Our top image: A warring door by WK Interact. Detail. (photo © Jaime Rojo) WK Interact (photo © Jaime […]

Spring Time With Stikman
Editorz, 09 Apr 12:02 AM
Saturday! Time to go out for a walk around the neighborhood to stretch your legs, say hello to old friends, and to look for some new ones. Along with the blooming Magnolia, Dogwood and Wisteria in the cold/hot/windy/rainy/sunny spring we have in Brooklyn, some new Stikman pieces have been popping up through the aerosol tags […]
BSA Film Friday: 04.08.16
Editorz, 08 Apr 12:02 AM
  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. VHILS: Debris in Hong Kong . NOWNESS 2. “Shiny” from Daniel Cloud Campos 3. 108 + Eleuro 4. Pøbel and Donald Trump in Hollywood BSA Special Feature:VHILS: Debris in Hong Kong . NOWNESS Vhils has […]
“Young New Yorkers” Auction to Feature Jaime Rojo and 100 More
Editorz, 07 Apr 12:02 AM
BSA has been supporting and donating to the organization Young New Yorkers and many of the participating artists who are in tonight’s auction for a long time through our work for a number of years. This year BSA Co-founder and editor of photography Jaime Rojo is also donating something else – his own photography. Jaime […]
Resurrecting the Church with Air Sculpture by Edoardo Tresoldi
Editorz, 06 Apr 12:02 AM
Soaring Architectural Sculpture Recalls a Long Lost Holy Place An astounding display of the volume and spatial relations defined by the built environment is now rising in Siponto, Italy thanks to the imagination of street artist/public artist Edoardo Tesoldi, and thousands of cubic feet of wire. “I imagined being able to draw in the air, […]
Opiemme: Poetry Hanging Among Cherry Blossoms in Bologna
Editorz, 05 Apr 12:02 AM
Like so many chinese firecrackers strung together and hanging from bus stops, street signs and cherry tree limbs, individual poems dangled overhead Bologna people as they walked through the city center on March 21st. The installations are an unsponsored freewill campaign to give away poetry on small scrolls, part of a festival called DIALOGARTI where […]
Dan Witz Paints Skinheads, Slam Dancing, Erotica
Editorz, 04 Apr 12:02 AM
Because you can’t get your fill of angry white men from all the Donald Trump rallies this spring, painter and Street Artist Dan Witz is presenting Mosh Pits, Raves and One Small Orgy at Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York. The paintings further capture the freneticism of clan-like gatherings of nearly entirely caucasian youth in the […]
BSA Images Of The Week: 04.03.16
Editorz, 03 Apr 12:02 AM
Dang! The birds are singing! Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near? An uptick in politically based street art in New York and elsewhere as people are waking up to the reality that Donald Trump is an actual contender for the presidency. Also New York, which tends to vote for the Democrat […]
MP5: “Millennials” Holding Up the Future and Past in Rome
Editorz, 02 Apr 06:00 AM
“I wanted to go back to the millennial roots of public and monumental art,” MP5 tells us about the inspiration for the new intervention in Torpignattara entitled “Millennials”. The Naples born Roman artist draws upon contemporary themes as well as classical in their 2D black and white iconic paintings, always with a hint of theatrical […]
BSA Film Friday 04.01.16
Editorz, 01 Apr 12:02 AM
  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Herakut: Masters Of Wrong from Eric Minh Swenson 2. Shark Toof by Koncrete 3. HM Heads – Copenhagen. Spray Daily 4. Gary Stranger. The London Wall. Global Street Art BSA Special Feature: Herakut: “Masters Of […]
Various & Gould: “Permanently Improvised” Temporarily in San Jose
Editorz, 31 Mar 12:02 AM
It’s not a surprise that Various & Gould are mixing and matching bodies and faces in their new show – they’ve been doing it for years on the street. With heads and limbs and torsos prepared in advance, the German couple are just as surprised as you sometimes to see what bionic fluorescent steampunk-inflected portraits […]
One Street Portrait a Day: Artist Mel Waters Celebrates Black History in San Francisco
Editorz, 30 Mar 12:02 AM
“There are some beautiful people out there that have left the world better off.  I’m glad I could share some of them over Black History Month, one portrait at a time,” says Mel Waters when talking about his piece-a-day project in San Francisco’s Mission District in February. Funded from his own pocket, the 34 year old […]
Bifido: “Meanwhile” …on a London Train Platform
Editorz, 29 Mar 06:02 AM
Hurry up and wait. Much of modern life is like this. In cities especially where bottlenecks in tunnels, on bridges, on highways and streets can slowly… drive… you… crazy. We have long lines for dance clubs and drivers licenses, sample sales and Shake Shack, airport security and air-headed pop stars. And of course we wait […]
Geoff Hargadon & “Cash For Your Warhol” Store/ Exhibition/ Performance in Boston
Editorz, 28 Mar 06:02 AM
Pedro Alonzo is a Boston-based independent curator and art advisor who has charted an important trajectory on the Street Art-Contemporary Art continuum as it pertains to institutions, public/private organizations and emerging and recognized artists of related genres since the 1990s. We’re very pleased today that Pedro brings BSA readers insights from a unique one month performance/exhibition […]
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