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In the wake of the senseless terror attack in Boston yesterday, we received numerous calls and emails. As usual we will not be posting countless pictures of this tragedy. Again, we are an organization made up of journalists, both professional and freelance. Our members have uploaded a substantial amount of photo and video footage. They are of course free to post this content in their member profile galleries as they see fit and keep them either private or free for the public to view. There was however an email we received that stood out from the others. We would like to share this with you, as the authors words are something we as journalists should consider.  


having just seen the footage of the Boston explosions, I note a number of photographers in an excellent position to do two acts.

One is to take photos etc, but I also see a number of photographers in the footage in an excellent position to render (at least) first aid.

I realise the 'press' cannot become the news, but I do take some umbrage with the detached attitude of these members of the profession............................doing NOTHING, apart from being mercenary with people dying in front of them.

Thank you.

Paul H
Las Vegas, Nevada _______________________________________________________________________________________   It is clear that after reading this email, there is a certain expectation that is increasingly being attached to journalists today. We are seeing this on a more frequent basis. Much of this is due to the rate and flow of information today. We have all seen journalists national or local brave floods, storms, hurricanes, blizzards and terrible events such as what happened in Boston. It is something we have become used to. Journalists at times have become the local expert, the weather man, a source of stability and calm. We watch in amazement as some journalists remain unshaken and composed even while being surrounded by danger and uncertainty.  We are not saying and do not suggest putting one's self in harm’s way for any reason. We simply wish to have this email that was sent to us "all of us“ serve as a reminder, a reminder that you really can and really do make a difference. While the author of this email may not have seen a journalist in a life saving, triage type of role, I am sure that time will tell a different story. We are not posting this to say the author is wrong in their assessment or opinion. Rather, we wish to thank them for the reminder to all of us just what it means to be a journalist in today's world.  

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