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BSA Images Of The Week: 04.24.16
Editorz, 24 Apr 12:02 AM

If you are a New Yorker feeling the burn it could be the Hasidim who lit fires every two blocks in parts of Brooklyn Friday to mark Passover (see our final image). The smoke and ash were staining sidewalks and wafting through neighborhoods until being washed away with the Purple Rain Friday night, or maybe […]

STRØK Stencils Ernest Zacharevic Playing in a Brooklyn Doorway
Editorz, 23 Apr 10:00 AM
Strøk is in Brooklyn briefly and he had time to spray out a brand new 8 layer stencil on a doorway here before traveling a bit to see more of the Eastern Seaboard with his girlfriend. We found him this perfect fire engine red metal door in Williamsburg this week with the always gracious and […]
BSA Film Friday: 04.22.16
Editorz, 22 Apr 12:02 AM
  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1.La Pintura. Graffiti Documentary. Trailer 2. Saving Banksy: Trailer 3. Spencer Keeton Cunningham and Lauren YS go “Batty” 4.  Wall To Wall: Benalla, Australia BSA Special Feature: La Pintura. Graffiti Documentary. Trailer “You cannot totally enslave […]
Skount, Kera, SokarUno Paint Outside New Refugee Camp in Former Berlin Airport
Editorz, 21 Apr 12:02 AM
The combined creative efforts of friends Skount, Kera, and SokarUno on a recent Saturday in Berlin possibly reflect the state of many recently arrived who are living near it. The historic Tempelhof Airport here was closed in 2008 after about 80 years in service and reopened as a recreational park in 2015. Now it is […]
MIMA Museum: City Lights with Swoon, MOMO, Hayuk, Faile
Editorz, 20 Apr 06:02 AM
What is it about Brooklyn Street Art that is so appealing that one would curate the opening exhibition of a museum with it? Four pillars of the New York Street Art scene are welcoming the first guests of the new Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art (MIMA), which opened days ago in Brussels. Attacking the cherished […]
35 Artists in Barcelona Trying To Save The Arctic with Greenpeace
Editorz, 19 Apr 12:02 AM
Yesterday our posting was about artists in London creating works about endangered species and today we go to Barcelona where 35 artists joined with Greenpeace and a local group named RebobinArt on April 9th to create works centered on environmental issues, especially the quickly disappearing polar ice cap. Only three days later scientists announced that […]
Threatened Species Painted on London Walls for “Endangered 13″
Editorz, 18 Apr 12:02 AM
23,250. That’s how many wild species are listed as threatened worldwide by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). A newly curated mural project in London aims to begin raising awareness of our behaviors devastating impact on the animal world and to reverse the trend of killing off these species. Jonsey. Endangered 13. London. […]
BSA Images Of The Week: 04.17.16
Editorz, 17 Apr 01:00 AM
Hillary Clinton announced in Brooklyn this week that she supports raising the minimum wage to $250,000 a speech while Bernie Sanders scoped around the showroom of a Danish furniture designer in the Brooklyn Navy Yard to order a new blond wood desk and chair for the Oval Office. The two sparred live on national TV […]
A ROA Diary Update in Pictures
Editorz, 16 Apr 06:00 AM
A ROA update today – with many exclusive photos here for BSA readers with personal pictures taken and selected by the artist himself. The Belgian Street Artist, whom we long ago christened as an “Urban Naturalist”, has quite defined the category. He’s well traveled and well regarded. He can’t seem to stand still; Borders for […]
BSA Film Friday: 04.15.16
Editorz, 15 Apr 06:00 AM
  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Carlos Cruz-Diez & Spectra by Selina Miles 2. Djalouz – Petites Chroniques Urbaine 3. Between The Lines With RISK 4. Nychos x Traktor Wien BSA Special Feature: Carlos Cruz-Diaz & Spectra by Selina Miles Optical […]
Djalouz “Peace in the World” in Paris
Editorz, 14 Apr 12:02 AM
Graffiti artist Djalouz’s wildstyle 3-D shards look like multi-tentacled sea monsters climbing up walls, wrapping around telephone booths, creeping down stairwells and spreading across floors. By themselves, these interlocking forms can be biomorphic and menacing. Coupled with expressive paint-splattered hands releasing a Dove of Peace the effect is quite something else entirely. Djalouz for Art […]
Street Artists at the Marrakech Biennale: Urban, Contemporary & Public
Editorz, 13 Apr 12:02 AM
Today BSA is pleased to announce our new partnership with Urban Nation (UN) Museum and their blog with our visit to Marrakech for the 6th Biennale, which runs through May 8th. We look forward to contributing special features to the UN Blog as it grows and evolves in the months to come. Marrakech. The Medina. […]
Panmela Castro In The Bronx Highlights Women’s Rights
Editorz, 12 Apr 06:00 AM
Brazilian muralist and graffiti writer Panmela “Anarkia” Castro has just begun painting four expansive walls in the Bronx and today we bring you a few images of the first one commenced in March in recognition of Women’s Month. Panmela Castro. Detail. (photo © Jaime Rojo) Known for her advocacy of women’s rights, the prevention of […]
Pyramid Oracle Alights New Seers and Sorcerers for Spring
Editorz, 11 Apr 12:02 AM
When last we touched base with Pyramid Oracle he told us that he was creating new mythologies and his parents were neither bankers nor hippies. Examining these four new fellas on the streets of NYC the seer, the sorcerer, the frustrated sanitation worker and the angry landlord all come to mind. And that is the […]
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