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Kimani "Kiki" Gray was standing in front of a friends home on E. 52nd St. near Tilden ave, in East Flatbush with five other young men when he was spotted by two undercover cops just before 11:30 p.m. Saturday evening. According to the two officers, as they approached the group, Kimani walked off, while adjusting his waistband in a very suspicious manner. The police say they then, began following the youth, demanding to see his hands, thats when they claim Kimani turned and aimed a revolver handgun at them. The two officers, then proceeded to fire eleven rounds into the teenager, causing him to drop his weapon, which was not fired at all during the altercation. And although there is no confirmed evidence of wrongdoing on the police behalf, several witnesses cast doubts on the police version of the incident, saying young Kimani was not armed and that the police shot him in cold blood, and watched him die. 1. Eyewitness says Gray was “running for his life” when he was shot dead. “‘He was running for his life, telling the cops, ‘Stop,’ said witness Camille Johnson. ‘They really are, seriously, walking around, shooting little kids.’” [Pix11, 3/10/13] 2. Eyewitness says Gray was adjusting his belt, not shooting his gun, when the shooting began. “Mr. Gray’s sister, Mahnefah Gray, 19, said that a witness to the shooting told her that her brother had been fixing his belt when he was shot.” [New York Times, 3/10/13] 3. Eyewitness says, after he was shot, Gray said “please don’t let me die.” One of the officers responded “Stay down or, we’ll shoot you again.” [New York Times, 3/10/13] 4. Friends says “Kimani had just returned from a baby shower, and was shot only minutes after he was dropped off on East 52nd Street.” [NY1, 3/10/13] 5. Gray’s sister and others say he did not own a gun. “She, among others who knew Mr. Gray, said they had never known him to have a gun.” Gray’s cousin, Malik Vernon, also “insisted he didn’t own a gun, and he had never seen him with one.” [New York Times, 3/10/13; New York Post, 3/11/13] Now a very close source has slipped a birdy in my ear, stating that riots are erupting on the streets of NewYork, because of Kimani's death. As more than one hundred people started marching, during Kimani's candle light vigil, some of the attendee's started chanting " NYPD, KKK, how many kids will you kill today?" some got so heated they started throwing, rocks and glass bottles at the police men present and thats when all hell broke loose sources say. Brooklyn natives on Twitter tweeted, that the police were following the march and had started searching apartment buildings in the neighborhood without warrants, although at this time, that statement, has not been confirmed. Police are estimating that it was only 70 people, that marched to the 67th Precinct station in East Flatbush to protest the shooting death of Kimani Gray. However, excerpts from prior police conversations, show at least forty more people in a seperate group also protesting of Gray's death. The group's of protesters continued to march from Snyder Avenue and ended up at Church and East 57th Street, where they continued to demonstrate, their frustration. "It didn’t appear the protesters were part of an organized group or event, and they appeared to be majorily teenagers", according to witnesses and neighbors. Personally, I have a reporter on the scene, who stated " There are at least 200 police officers outside Nostrand and Synder ave, dressed in full riot gear and that the precint there is being protected tighter than Fort Nox. On Church ave, a person was attacked at the RiteAide Pharmacy during the riot, garbage cans have been turned over, and windows have been broken, leaving glass strewn all over the place, reminding my reporter of a war torn area. With the killings of at least four other teens, all unarmed in NewYork over the past six months, one can see how the tension has built up, to this point in the big apple. And as we all watch from the sidelines, one can only wait and see, how this is going to play out, now that America is watching. And perhaps, we should all say a litle prayer, that this situation, will come to a peaceful close, and all will leave this feeling justice was served.
Submitted by Taneshia Nicole
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