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BSA Images Of The Week: 08.28.16
Editorz, 28 Aug 12:02 AM
“Back in the USSR” comes to mind as we touched down in Moscow yesterday to see and speak with the 60+ Street Artists who are creating this impressive 2nd Street Art biennale “Artmossphere” just a stone’s throw away from the Kremlin, Red Square and The International Military Music Festival that runs all week as well. […] 

“UNIQA” Public Sculpture Project Begins in Łódź with “LUMP”
Editorz, 27 Aug 12:02 AM
One of the most successful mural festivals in Europe is shifting the focus to the sculptural, considering seriously the public interaction with objects in the 3rd dimension. LUMP for  UNIQA Art Łódź Project. Łódź, Poland. August 2016. (photo © Michał Bieżyński) 6 years of Łódź Murals is now giving way to the UNIQA Art Łódź […]
BSA Film Friday: 08.26.16
Editorz, 26 Aug 12:02 AM
  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Ella & Pitr: Utsira Island 2. Shepard Fairey Paints Fannie Lee Chaney mural “Voting Rights” 3. The Sound of Strijp-S Mural BSA Special Feature: Ella & Pitr: Utsira Island It is funny to see this […]
The London Police Arrest The Quin Hotel
Editorz, 25 Aug 12:02 AM
Chaz and Bob, those lads from London, have come to 57th street in Manhattan to show some new and previously displayed artworks in the lobby of the Quin Hotel. Under the direction of curator DK Johnson, the lobby has been home to a number of brief exhibitions in the last couple of years by Street […]
1UP in Berlin : “ ‘All City’ Doesn’t Even Begin to Cover It ”
Editorz, 24 Aug 12:02 AM
An amorphous shape-shifting consortium of Berlin-based aerosol hooligans named 1UP is one of those graffiti crews who eventually make the entry into graffiti street lore because of the scope and daring of their travails. Primarily Berlin based, you’ll find their almost-commercial sounding name on roofs, walls, abandoned factories, and in tunnels in many cities around […]
Skount “Tempus Fugit” : Time Waits for No Person
Editorz, 23 Aug 12:02 AM
Spanish Skount in the Netherlands wonders today about the evaporation of time, ever slipping from your fingers. He says his new mural, of which he has done perhaps a hundred that we know of over the last few years, is inspired by a quote about time by the poet Virgil, “Tempus Fugit” “Sed fugit interea, […]
‘Homo Naledi’ in Baltimore Points to Our Modern De-Evolution
Editorz, 22 Aug 12:02 AM
When you look at the corporate yellow journalism flashing across screens today, the shallow and sensational rhetoric may lead you to believe we are devolving as a race. In fact it is just the opposite in many quarters, so media literacy is more important now than ever to discern who is propagating this narrative, and […]
BSA Images Of The Week: 08.21.16
Editorz, 21 Aug 12:02 AM
Here we go! Eat all the last fresh corn-on-the-cob, watermelon, lemonade, tomatoes, green beans, black berries, peaches that you can get before the summer disappears and your local grocer turns all those things into plastic hot-house versions imported from Pluto and transported with a million gallons of fossil fuel to you table. New York has […]
Nychos “Battlecat” and Lauren YZ “Night Flight” in Providence
Editorz, 20 Aug 10:00 AM
Exclusive shots today for you from Nychos and Lauren Ys in with his “Battlecat” and her “Night Flight” in Providence, Rhode Island. With styles that are complimentarily in some of their fantasy based origins, you can discern differences in personal style. As you might guess, these two artists have also collaborated successfully on pieces, most […]
BSA Film Friday: 08.19.16
Editorz, 19 Aug 12:02 AM
  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. 5 Minutes with Plotbot Ken via ARTE Creative 2. Aerosoul – NYC by Kris Kim 3. Nychos at The Ice House in Jersey City. 4. “Europe” by BEZT (ETAM Cru) in Mannheim BSA Special Feature: […]
Panmela Castro, Olympic Goddess in Rio for the Games
Editorz, 18 Aug 12:02 AM
From Rio, “The Goddess of Victory” by Brazilian artist Panmela Castro on the Boulevard Olímpico. Fresh off her PM/10 mural in front of the under construction Urban Nation in Berlin, Panmela says that she feels lke she won an Olympic medal to paint this Greek goddess in her home country. Panmela Castro “The Goddess of […]
Jardin Rouge: A Unique Garden for Street Artists to Grow In
Editorz, 17 Aug 12:02 AM
The soil in this garden is a deep rich red hue, as is the lifeblood that pumps through this modern compound with echoes of Egyptian mastaba architecture. Jardin Rouge invites Street Artists, graffiti artists, and urban artists to step around the peacocks that strut around the grounds of this North African oasis and to come […]
Barlo X “Gods In Love” and the Moulting of Cicadas in Italy
Editorz, 16 Aug 12:02 AM
Summer’s orchestra of sounds are joined at some juncture by the song of the cicada, and usually that means we are at the very height of this warm and sticky season, just before slowly returning to a cooler one. Street artists Barlo and Gods in Love just painted this in Italy, where the cicadas were […]
Elian’s Full Color Geometry in Kiev
Editorz, 15 Aug 12:02 AM
A new update from Mural Social Club in Kiev with Argentinian geometrist Elian exploring the behavior of colors layed out in slabs and slices, creating a composition that is the more than the sum of its parts. There is a certain liberty that an artist like this can take with made-to-fit compositions that acknowledge the […]

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