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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) —A proposal to expand background checks failed in Washington, but several entrepreneurs say they have a different answer to curbing gun violence. Read More here: Wesh 2 News It appears as if new ideas for gun control have emerged from the silver screen of Action Sci-Fi Movies. While the theory may be sound its application might be wishful thinking of a perfect world at best. We all remember the Hollywood Magic in the hit movie Judge Dread starring Sylvester Stallone and how he was set up for a murder through conspiracy. Technology today is often secure at the time of its release but digital enthusiasts and even hackers around the world always seem to find a way around the set backs of security measures today that nullify them tomorrow. However, criminals always find their guns on the black market or through gun smugglers. It is apparent there are a few measures that may have not been considered to such an application as a gun only firing in its registered hand. When it comes to personal safety even cell phones being locked and without service have access to emergency calling for help. This is for many reasons, but not limited to a person in dire distress being able to locate a phone not belonging to them and call for help such as a kidnapping victim. Guns are used to protect individuals from threat of death or deadly force. What if that device malfunctioned as electronics often do when weathered in the elements? To prevent that how much more would that added technology make guns cost? How will the poor be able to purchase a gun for self defense under their second amendment right? How will the hunter afford a gun for hunting when barely getting by? At first glance it would appear as disparaging the poor and middle class by singling out a group based on their financial standing and denying them their second amendment right. Furthermore, what if that kidnapped victim could find a phone but managed to get their abductor's gun? What would happen when the person abducted finds out they are helpless because they know the gun wont fire as well as the criminal who abducted them? What if a teenage child was in a house deep in the country and could not get out but found his parents gun to protect himself from armed robbers? What if an older woman was alone at home and could not fire her husband's gun when presented with the same situation? Even Though the Bureau of Justice Statistics claim about 232,000 guns are stolen every year. Criminals are not specific to where they get their guns from and can always smuggle guns without this technology into the country. Case and point being proven due to recent events of the fast and furious gun running operation. Common criminals wont look to steal these guns and career criminals would use them knowing that the victim cannot use them against them. It appears to this reporter that this technology has been sensationalized without proper investigation into its practical application. It appears that it is a slide of hand propaganda tactic to get around the fact and matter of the failed gun control bill recently submitted. Although the theory is sound and would be wonderful in a perfect world the fact remains the world is unique in its imperfections. Solutions to the problems of society at large are never solved by applying a quick fix. The best solutions for the public good often spring from new ideas and freedom of thought. However, to apply an idea it must be well planned, researched and applied responsibly as anything affecting an entire society deserves due diligence and foresight of the possible outcomes of its application. A short glance at the results of the application of this technology quickly reveals its fallacies in our perfect yet still imperfect world. It would most likely cause more harm than good and criminals would be given an added advantage to committing violent crimes. This would leave law biding citizens at an extreme disadvantage in many situations of which the variables could never be predicted. This has been an objective review by The Objective Review.
Submitted by Guardian79

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