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Since May 2014, David Lyon, an Investigator with the State Attorneys office of the 10th Judicial Circuit in Florida, has had his sights set on Defendant David Broxterman. Broxterman, a former Professor at Polk State College was arrested for allegedly scheming to defraud the College since his academic credentials were not valid. It appears Broxterman may have been a victim of Diploma fraud. Lyon, a former student of Professor Broxterman, has been leading the investigation from the beginning, and even wrote up the affidavit (witnessed by another former student who also works for the State Attorney as an investigator) leading to the issuance of the arrest warrant. The 10th Judicial Circuit and State Attorney Jerry Hill may want to revisit their conflict of interest policies. Lyon decided to take things a step further this past August. He discovered Broxterman would be working the August 30th 2016 Election in Florida as a poll worker. What he did after that is deplorable and certainly crosses the line. He called the Polk County Supervisor of Elections office and told them that Broxterman had used his poll worker training as an excuse to miss a court hearing on July 22nd 2016. The public court file shows no entry for that date. His phone call paid off and Broxterman was notified by the Supervisor of Elections Office that his services would no longer be required. Broxterman was fully qualified to work the polls as he is still qualified to vote. There has been no conviction, yet somehow Lyon just can't get rid of his OBSESSION for his former Professor! A trial in May 2016 ended in a hung jury and a new trial is scheduled for October 2016. When did the United States adopt the notion that a person is guilty until they prove themselves innocent? State Attorneys have to power to ruin a persons life, and some overzealous Investigators seem to abuse the power they hold. Is our Judicial System still fair to all? Is it time to reign in and control their actions?

Submitted by Evelyn Broxterman

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