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Lance Lim joins us on the red carpet at the Emmy® Creative Arts Awards. He plays Zack on School Of Rock at Nickelodeon.
Lim has been acting since the age of nine. His performances include: Independence Day: Reassurance, Fresh Off The Boat, and Growing up Fisher.
His current character, Zack, is reserved and plays the guitar. This has provided him the opportunity to create a character that is opposite of his outgoing nature.
“The ability to play characters that are different from his personality and life is the best part of acting,” he says. Working to capture each character he plays is a lot of fun. The crew and actors he works with provide him with great insight to performing his best.
He finds the ability characters have to make an impact on other’s lives a value he cherishes. Hearing from those watching the show that let them know they have been able to overcome a fear means a lot.
His advice to those looking to get into acting is, “do this because you have a passion and love for the art. Looking for fame and fortune will not make the hard work, long hours, and dedication fun.” He does this because he loves this. He loves capturing the emotions and characters. His mother has taught him to remember at the end of the day you must be happy.
His best advice to making each successful is to smile. At the end of the day his favorite thing is to go home and hang out with his friends. See him perform Meghan Trainor Like I'm Gonna Lose You Acoustic Cover by Megan Lee ft. Lance Lim here He has some future projects in the works.
School Of Rock nominated Outstanding Children’s Program. He was voted bested dressed at the Emmy Creative Arts Day 1 by our office.

Submitted by Tammy Forchion

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