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Arnaud De Champvigy joins us at the Metropolitan Fashion Week Closing Gala & Awards. He brings his contagious smile looking dapper in his dark tuxedo with a nice touch of red.
De Champvigy, an international model and actor, he, “looks forward to walking the runway in his tuxedo and a little swimwear.” He says, “I love my job. I love the runway. I love fashion.” He started modeling in 1999 and in 2015 was a Top Model UK finalist.
His first modeling contract was with a top agency in Paris. He is loved by photographers with his exceptional ability to pose and capture the essence of each shoot. His modeling includes Valentino, Columbia Sportswear, Scotch & Soda, and Harper’s Bazaar. His modeling career allows for worldwide travel.
His modeling work includes United States, Asia, and Europe. His work in these countries consists of commercial, TV commercials, runway and modeling. He is often found on the red carpet or runway while in the United States. Recently he has been seen at Rocky Gathercole as a model, Hearts for Fashion Charity Event, and judging Miss and Mister Deaf International 2016.
De Champvigy is hard of hearing. He faces this challenge with a great attitude and stubbornness. He uses lip reading to follow conversations. Jo-Anne Dean from Signmation joined him on the on the red carpet. They recently attended DEAFestival. This is, “to unite the deaf community once a year at an event that will promote high self esteem and confidence among deaf children.” De Champvigy also brings awareness to children with cancer.
He loves fashion and business. He is the owner CEO ADC Diffusion and Geneva Fashion Week. He has served as ambassador for Fashion Week in China. De Champvigy states, “March 2017 will be the first fashion week in Geneva Switzerland.” This will be a top international fashion event.
Recently in Beverly Hills Geneva Fashion Week held a Party at Runway Road Kickoff Night. This party presented: Haute Couture, Swimwear, Italian Handbag, and shoe designers, glamour models, international musicians, and impressionist artist Jacques Silberstein. De Champvigy’s ambassador for Geneva Fashion Week is the beautiful Mackenzie Olson. If the Kickoff Night is any indication Geneva Fashion Week is one to attend.
De Champvigy is honored to attend the two-day event at Warner Brother’s Studios. Thursday evening was to recognize Autism Speaks. De Champvigy states, “It was an honor to walk for autism and bringing awareness and to autism.”
He is often seen in Los Angeles working out, enjoying sports, and staying in shape. He is genuine and down to earth. De Champvigy is a model, actor, philanthropist, and businessman that will continue to be an influencer in fashion, charity, business, and modeling.
Tammy Forchion @4ChionLifestyle Connect with Arnaud De Champvigy here
Submitted by Tammy Forchion

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