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BSA Images Of The Week: 10.23.16
Editorz, 23 Oct 12:02 AM
We have an unusually high number of “Unidentified Artist” pics this week along with some new names – which to us means the streets are alive and changing again, responding to new voices. Of course it is good to see some of the more familiar players as well. So here’s our weekly interview with the […]
Wastedland 2. Andrew H. Shirley Corrals Counter-Culture in Detroit
Editorz, 22 Oct 12:02 AM
“The only way to support a revolution is to make your own.” Abbie Hoffman   EKG Labs. Wastedland 2. Detroit, September 2016. (photo © Jaime Rojo) PREAMBLE At any given moment a counter-culture is developing before your eyes. Authoritarian governments know this. So do, as it turns out, lifestyle brands, sociologists, and PR firms. Born […]
BSA Film Friday: 10.21.16
Editorz, 21 Oct 12:02 AM
  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. “What If You Fly” Sean Yoro AKA HULA 2. Herakut in Paris for “100 Walls for Youth” 3. Cleon Peterson: “Endless Sleep” at the Eiffel Tower 4. The Yok & Sheryo “Ping Pong Auto Shack” […]

Herakut In Paris With A Message for the Kids About Magic
Editorz, 20 Oct 12:02 AM
“Le duo allemand vient de signer sa première fresque à Paris,” says Galerie Mathgoth as they present Herakut and their new mural on rue Goscinny in #Paris13. Herakut. Paris. (photo © courtesy of Galerie Mathgoth) A fascinating intermingling of realism, fantasy, and poetry, the composition features a helmeted youth sees a winged horse in the […]
Jellyfish and Sharks and Octopi, Oh My! Tahiti’s ONO’U, Part Deux
Editorz, 19 Oct 12:02 AM
Our intrepid Ms. Cooper had to island-hop to snap photos of the rest of these colorful murals in Tahiti for the ONO’U Festival. Raiatea is the name of the island and Martha was told that it was known for being a sacred island where human sacrifices once took place. “It is also the place from […]
Luna Park’s “(Un)Sanctioned” Book – Our Interview & This Weekend’s Launch
Editorz, 18 Oct 12:02 AM
When we invited Luna Park to the Brooklyn Museum to be onstage with us and Swoon (Callie Curry) a few years ago, she told us she was a bit nervous because of the size of the audience, but really she was probably more nervous to meet the artist. That night on the stage with New […]
Welling Court 2016 Part II and AD HOC’s 10th Anniversary this Weekend
Editorz, 17 Oct 06:00 AM
Long before Bushwick Open Studios and the Bushwick Collective there was Ad Hoc Gallery in a part of Brooklyn better known for bullet proof plexi-glass at the corner deli than being any kind of artists haven. Kool kids were actually filtering in to find cheap rents and space in the early 2000s and Garrison and […]
BSA Images Of The Week: 10.16.16
Editorz, 16 Oct 12:02 AM
  It’s been a spectacular amber and golden and green autumn week when you’re able to ride your bike around and see a lot of great new and old Street Art and not break a sweat because the air is fresh and cool and the sun is spectacular. And the streets are alive! We found […]
The Gray Wolf and “The Art Of Beeing” in Detroit
Editorz, 15 Oct 12:02 AM
Louis Masai and his friends Tee and Emil are in Detroit right now on the 2nd city of The Art of BEEing tour, and the Gray Wolf is on their minds because it is endangered. Their numbers have been cut down in recent years because of humans shooting them and trapping them. The Gray Wolf […]
BSA Film Friday: 10.14.16
Editorz, 14 Oct 12:02 AM
  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Jazoo Yang x TJ Choe: Strawberry House (South Korea) 2. Solo x Diamond via Grounder (Italy) 3. DeAk Crew: Toxic Graffiti – You’ve Been Infected. (Cyprus) 4. Real Time Web Series: Episode 2 – Askew […]
ONO’U Festival 2016 as Captured by Martha Cooper in Tahiti
Editorz, 13 Oct 12:02 AM
Lucky Us! Our senior reporter on the ground in Tahiti for this years’ ONO’U Festival is the quick-witted eagle-eyed Martha Cooper, who shares with BSA readers her fresh shots of the action in paradise. Personable and outgoing, Cooper covers a lot of ground quickly, introducing herself and asking questions and snapping pictures. Of course people […]
Gola Hundun Creates a “Tree of Life” for “Land-Shape Festival” in Denmark
Editorz, 12 Oct 06:02 AM
Virtually every human culture has an allegorical image that illustrates the Tree of Life. Street Artist Gola Hundun is growing his own in Denmark on the Jutland peninsula – one that he has named the Yggrdasil Crómlech. Gola Hundun “Yggdrasil Crómlech” Land Shape Festival. Vrå, Højeskole. Denmark. October 2016. (photo © Gola Hundun & Emil […]
Beau Stanton: A Vibrant Beacon Rises From the Ruins in Detroit
Editorz, 11 Oct 06:00 AM
Artist Beau Stanton has a studio practice and a street practice, but most wouldn’t think of him as a Street Artist, per se. Classically trained in illustration and oil painting, his precise and hand-rendered style borrows from traditional, historical, nautical, and religious influences. Related from their original context, his appropriated icons, figures, and sense of […]
Louis Masai: “The Art Of Beeing” Tour Kicks Off in NYC to Save Endangered Species
Editorz, 10 Oct 12:02 AM
Louis Masai: The Art of Beeing USA Tour. The Bushwick Collective, Brooklyn. NYC. October 2016. (photo © Jaime Rojo) Activism and Street Art go hand in hand and some artists are skilled at activating public space for hearts and brains to spark and cogitate. During the last 15 years we’ve documented a number of seriously […]

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