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The first fashion week in Geneva Switzerland is scheduled in early spring 2017. The promo tours produced by ADC Diffusion is just an introduction to the spectacular fashion week. The New Generation evening is glamours. It is held at DS Store Genève. The evening brings top models, fashion, cars, red carpet, and Myriam Abel for a fabulous night.
New generation event presents the new Citroën C3 brings a new fashion to compact hatchbacks. The car brings new design with animation, Airbumps®, and a new shape. This car brings a great new style with the front face that has its personality with many curves and sleek lines.
The second presentation of the evening is MOYA Watch by Alvaro MOYA PLATA. A designer from Geneva Switzerland. These watches are designed with gold, diamonds, pearls, and are limited edition. The contemporary design perfect for those looking for styling that is virility and strength.
The evening continues with exceptional fashion from:
  1. Atili
  1. Rebecca's Swimwear This swimwear design is in Budapest. Two sisters have grown their swimwear over the last 25 years. The swimwear is found in 40 countries.
  1. The Closet by K.Valdes
The evening was a great gathering to celebrate the artistic talents of many, celebrate the upcoming fashion week in Geneva. Arnaud De Champvigy, CEO ADC Diffusion and Geneva Fashion Week, brings forward a vision of beauty, art, and a new generation for fashion.
De Champvigy states “April 2017 will be the first fashion week in Geneva Switzerland.” This will be a top international fashion event." His insight to fashion will produce a high class week. He is a top international model and 2009 was the ambassador for fashion week in China.
Each month there is a promotional tour event as we count down to Geneva Fashion Week. Beverly Hills provided a good launching event for the tour. Brenda Costa, top international model, hosted the red carpet. The gorgeous Mckenzie Olsen, the ambassador to Geneva Fashion Week attended this event. She brings a great love of couture fashion and positivity to this role.
The evening of fashion is welcoming to everyone. De Champvigy wants everyone to know that all events are accommodating to everyone, "The World worries about disability more than disabled people do." De Champvigy is hard of hearing. He faces this challenge with a great attitude and stubbornness.
De Champvigy will present a high class international fashion week for the beautiful city of Geneva Switzerland. The monthly tours and fashion will bring a new generation.
Geneva Fashion Week Connections
Geneva Fashion Week Hashtags
  1. #gfw
  1. #genevafashionweek
  1. #4ChionGFW
Connect with Arnaud De Champvigy here
Thank you Andrey Art for the photography
  1. ADC Diffusion
  1. Aliti Shefki
  1. La Cave Geneve
  1. DS Automobiles
  1. Eliana Models
  1. Makeup Natural
  1. Fairy Motion
  1. Citroen
  1. Rebecca Swimwear
  1. Jayland Photography

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