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Friday 02 June 2017
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May 19, 2017 - A LANDMARK DAY! WorldWater & Solar Technologies CEO Quentin Kelly has traveled the globe countless times, only to find an increasingly dangerous problem with the lack of clean drinking and bathing water, and in particular, in the countries of Eastern Africa. Here at the Princeton, New Jersey headquarters of WorldWater & Solar Technologies, he explains the seriousness of this global crisis which affects not only health issues, but cultural issues as well. His company has created an extraordinary and portable solar powered device that can filter the dirtiest of unusable and contaminated water and convert it for purified drinking and bathing use. May 19, 2017 became a Landmark Day, as he explains how 23 year old marathon runner and New Jersey native James Leitner, with 90 pounds of water in tow, starts his walking trek across America that very same day from the grounds of the Princeton facility....the "Clean Water Walk Across America". James's 3200 mile journey began in Princeton and will end in San Francisco, California. The May 19th kickoff event and ceremony was sponsored by Ortlieb USA, a distributor of products including a wide range of high-end outdoor gear. Beatrice Kimmel of NYC's HyPR Media orchestrated the Public Relations for this unique media occasion. For add'l information:
Interviewer: Joanne Phillips gets the Exclusive story for The US Press Association

Submitted by Joanne Phillips
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Saturday 18 March 2017
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Janice Dickinson walked the runway on March 14th at the Art Hearts Fashion in LA. Fashion show by MISTER TRIPLE X BY ERICK ROSETE
Submitted by Eva Kapanadze

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Monday 06 March 2017
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Cheese Doodles socially spark our lives in so many ways. On behalf of National Cheese Doodle Day, here’s a little background on the history of the cheesy snack. Invented in the 1950s by Yorie Mohai, the Cheese Doodle is a snack food made out of cornmeal that is puffed, baked, fried and coated with cheddar cheese. Mohai served in World War II and when he returned home to his native Bronx, NY, he joined the family business — Old London Snack Foods. During the 60s, another snack food company called Wise acquired his company and his Cheese Doodles became a snack food under the potato chip division. To date, the company produces more than 15 million pounds of Cheese Doodles annually. The beloved Cheese Doodle is also the preferred brand sold at the NY Mets home games. Other Cheese Doodle Snack Brand Names There are many other Cheese Doodle snack brand company’s around such as Cheetos, Utz Cheese Balls and Pirate Booty, to name a few. So whatever your fancy, remember today, out of all days to say “Cheese” and celebrate National Cheese Doodle Day with your fave cheese doodle snack food. Abbe is forever Socially Sparked! @sosparkednews It should be noted that neither Socially Sparked News nor this writer was paid by a brand, nor do we endorse any brand mentioned. All views are our own. Cheese Doodle Images from Amazon.Com
Submitted by Abbe Sparks

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Saturday 04 March 2017
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The Wind Beneath Paul McCarney's Wings Blows Fierce Legendary acoustic guitarist Laurence Juber’s wind beneath Paul McCartney’s WINGS blows mighty fierce. This two time Grammy®-Winner and lead guitarist in WINGS has been busy traveling to promote his new CD released today, LJ Can’t Stop Playing The Beatles, along with his recent Book, GUITAR WITH WINGS: A Photographic Memoir. He flew into the Big Apple Wednesday night for an inimate chat with Hudson Union Society for its members including a 90 minute acoustic performance held at New York City’s The Cornell Club. (c) Justin Hoch; CLICK HERE Laurence Juber, lead guitarist for Paul McCartney’s WINGS at Hudson Union Society Event 3/1/17. (c) Justin Hoch The Inside Scoop Laurence Juber (LJ) explains to the audience how classical music — particularly Bach — had a profound influence on the Beatles, on LJ himself and their music. The beloved Beatles classic Blackbird is a prime example. The song has its roots in Bach; just the accompany part. The melody is something else, says LJ. LJ demonstrates his process to create a melody rooted in classical music. One of the techniques that LJ uses to create a melody rooted in classical is called DADGAD. It’s where he changes the guitar tuning by dropping the bottom string and the top C strings on the guitar down a whole set. The DAGDAD process or type of tuning is used by Keltic guitar players as well. According to LJ, one interesting root that it took was that it got used by the iconic Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin). Their song Kashmir is in this tuning. Laurence Juber’s newest CD is actually the third of a Beatles music series that began in 2000. Around that time, LJ had been doing a few arrangements of Beatles tunes, and people kept asking him to do a whole album. But the fingerstyle guitar master wanted to focus on composing. That’s when his wife Hope urged hime to record an album of Beatles tunes – if not for anybody else, then for her — so she could listen to it in her car. “In that case,” she said, “if you want to produce it, then I will do it.” And, from his wife’s urging, out came LJ Plays The Beatles! (2000); followed by LJ Plays the Beatles Volume 2 (2010) and his newest LJ Can’t Stop Playing The Beatles (2017). Acoustic Guitar Magazine voted LJ Plays The Beatles one of the top 10 all time acoustic guitar albums. -- Abbe is Socially Sparked! @asparks01 Socially Sparked News, CLICK HERE TAGS: #Laurence Juber #Beatles #WINGS #music #SociallySparked
Submitted by Abbe Sparks

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