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Since our inception there have been pop-up and fly by night websites attempting to pass themselves off as us. We would say we are flattered if it was in reality not so damaging. 

This facade that is put up by some of these websites is very elaborate. There are interconnected webs of "press agencies" offering to sell you a "press pass" or some other bogus card. Fact is, these people have no idea what they are doing. Sure, they have convinced enough people to buy their bogus product and if you go to their site you'll see some members. These numbers pale in comparison to the vast member base that has chosen to trust us, the original US Press Association. It's almost comical, we receive calls where we are asked "how do you do this or that" and of course these calls are meant for one purpose, data mining. These bogus sites and their operators desperately want to know he we operate. Why do they want to know? Well the answer is simple, we have been dedicated to serving and assisting freelance and professional journalists and others involved in media for close to two decades now. We may just happen to know a thing or two. These pop-up websites have been around for weeks, sure maybe some have managed to deceive their way into a few years of operation. We need to take a stance against this type of deceptive practice. This surge in underground "press agencies" is creating a lasting mark on the integrity of the freelance and even the professional aspect of media. So many of these websites are really just one big web owned and controlled by a few people. They create a business structure and set up a registered agent office in a state like Nevada, meanwhile they are nowhere to be found within the United States, instead they reside elsewhere in countries like Germany, Russia and several others. Of course, being a resident of these other countries is not an issue, the issue lies within the deceptive web in which they cast to catch unsuspecting individuals.We won't lure, lie or cheat to obtain members. Our members are here because they made a solid and informed decision about the organization they wished to become part of. Please stand with us and you can rest assured that we will always have the best interest of our members in mind. 

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