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Tuesday 27 March 2012
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Writers, Photographers, Videographers, & Web Masters... Gain access to media events today with your US PRESS ASSOCIATION PRESS CARD! Gain access to concerts, sporting events, political and other news worthy events. Are you a movie critic for your local paper? You might be able to gain access to that movie premier for free. Maybe you have been thinking about starting you own publication! Help give your new news paper, magazine or website the legitimacy you think it deserves. Get the ONLY PRESS CARD for freelance journalist! The US Press Association Press Pass... Having press credentials can help you gain access to a variety of media/news worthy events. It will give you the oportunity to give your news audience the best possible coverage. Imaging getting that upclose stage shot at that sold out concert everyone is talking about. The possibilities are there with "The US Press Association Press Pass". Your personalized pass will have both the US Press Association seal and an image of your journalistic background. Photographer, Videographer, Radio etc. Have a look at the different Membership Options options HERE.
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