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Wednesday 15 May 2013
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On May 11th, the police and the Japanese Coast guard held joint anti-terrorism drills. The original article posted by Jiji Tsushin explains that the joint exercise against terrorism was held at Fukushima II (Daini) about 10 kilometers south of the damaged Daiichi facility. 80 police from the Fukushima Prefectural Police firearms Countermeasure Unit and 70 officers from the Japan Coast Guard conducted drills under the guise of an “unknown” terrorist group were attacking the nuclear facility. The simulation included a gun battle which also included the Japanese special forces counter-terrorism unit; the anti-terrorism units were wearing full radioactive gear. In light of recent developments in America with the mass shootings, Sandy Hook, and the devastating Boston terror bombings there are allegations of government involvement with supporting evidence. The term False Flag is used to describe any type of governmental foreknowledge, involvement, and significant neglect to provide adequate opportunity for terrorist to fulfill terrorist actions. One characteristic of a False Flag event is the sudden undertaking of a drill or exercise that simulates a terror event. No specific threats or advisories have been released to the public about a possible threat to the Daini facility. The drill was open to the public to ease doubts about security of the facility. This marks the first of exercises after the March 11, 2011 disaster. However, the need for the anti-terrorist teams to simulate a gun battle in a country where guns are essentially non-existent except for the police and military force is not yet apparent.
Submitted by Perron Shimizu

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