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We came across this blog and decided to link to it from here. We hope it serves it's readers well.
Excerpt from blog at blogger.com
One of the most frustrating things we experience as a freelancer whether it be as a writer, photographer, editor or other is limited access or lack of perceived credibility. Obviously our portfolios and bodies of works can speak for themselves and address some of these issues. Still, some people want to see some kind of ID or credential before allowing us into their venues or events.


Yes, there was a time when this was the most frustrating part of being a freelancer. Well, guess what??? That is no longer the most frustrating aspect, especially if you are just starting out. Now in addition to addressing this need, relative newcomers are faced with so many search results claiming to offer a solution for you.
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We had a chance to catch up with one of the "members" of a so called press agency. We found her at a place called depositphotos.com, an online resource for various stock photography. She had very little time for us as she is apparantly a very busy person given that she is a (student, model, computer technician, recptionist, doctor, yoga instructor, photographer, reporter, customer service rep), just to name a few things. We have some images below that are linked to the website where you too can purchase images of this very busy woman.
reporter_stock_art3.jpg   reporter_stock_art4.jpg
model at beach.jpg
model blank poster.jpg
model dinner.jpg
model doctor.jpg
model pointing.jpg
model graduating.jpg
model tech support.jpg
model with blank card.jpg

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