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Dedicated To Supporting & Encouraging The Growth Of Freelance Journalist, Professional Journalist & New Media

US Press Association Members featured on BBC, Current TV, Discovery Channel, Forbes, Fortune, Fox News, Huffington Post, MTV, NPR, Sun Herald, The Weekly Standard, The Guardian, VH1, Wall Street Journal, ABC/NBC/CBS Affiliates and many more!
Time to gear up for prime sports coverage. Get established before political debates, town halls and elections. 

Get your freelance press credentials today.
Membership, Press Identification Card & Credentials for Photographers, Videographers, Writers, Editors, Bloggers... We've got you covered!
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You are serious about your passion for journalism. You have a vision, a story to tell and a goal to convey this information in the best way possible. That's why you are here, to seek out and find your best possible option to help you achieve your goals. 

We will help you with these goals. We will help with the resources, support and connections you need to help grow, improve and flourish as a journalist. Unlike other so called groups or agencies, we don't want you to rely on fictitious or even nonexistent news agencies, organizations and so called "Free Press" organizations or "Alternative Agencies". 

The US Press Association provides extensive support for it's members. 
While you may have rights as a citizen, those rights can be and often are inhibited. By becoming a member, you will have access to the support to overcome these barriers. We want to help you as a journalist and help you grow. 

You can do it! And we're here to help. 

How do I obtain press credentials and letter of accreditation?
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Join now to receive your Membership, Press ID and a letter of accreditation to the US Press Association. Plus you will receive an additional year* extended membership. 

Get a press pass and report, capture photos and video from concerts, sporting events, movie premieres, political and other news worthy events, and make money while your doing it.
Looking to write for your local paper?
Maybe you have been thinking about starting your own publication!
Help give your new newspaper, magazine or website the legitimacy it deserves.

Be there to cover:
    • Concerts, Live Shows
    • Sporting Events (major league, minor league) 
    • Political Stories & Events
    • Crime Scenes / Accidents
Other Member Benefits:
  • Internationally Recognized Credentials
  • Assistance With Publication
  • Freelance Journalist Database (network with others)
  • Market Yourself (opportunity to sell your works - stories, photographs and video)
  • Career Assistance
Joining the US Press Association and having press credentials can help you gain access to and report on a variety of media/news worthy events. It will give you the opportunity to give your audience the best possible coverage. 
Imagine getting media passes for up close stage shots at sold out concerts.

The possibilities are there with...

Your US Press Association Membership & Press ID

Your personalized credentials will have both the US Press Association seal and an image of your journalistic focus. Editor, Photographer, Videographer, Radio, Blogger etc. 
New members will also receive an introduction letter of accreditation to the US Press Association.

NEW US Press Association Press ID Card Security Features Credentials Now Contain USPA Holographic Seal.
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We are experiencing huge growth with the number of international members.
With so much going on here and internationally, now is a great time to join.
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