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press identification card

press identification card

* Complete Purchase via PayPal, Credit Card, Google Checkout 
Or call to place your order. You do NOT need a PayPal account to purchase via PayPal.


press identification card

* Upon completion of order be sure click the USPA Member Registration Form Link on the Thank You/Welcome Page. Please complete the form making sure the information is correct and exactly how you wish for it to appear on your credentials. 
In the event you close your browser, you can notify us via the CONTACT PAGE or call us 800-989-5123 and we will send you a link to complete the form.


press identification card

* Attach/Upload Photo
PHOTO(S) SHOULD BE RENAMED TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME, HAVE A CLEAR VIEW OF YOUR FACE, NO ONE ELSE OBSTRUCTING YOU, HAVE A SOLID BACKGROUND COLOR. (Try to have an even amount of space around your whole face, do not use photos where the edge is too close to your face. This will not allow for cropping of the photo if necessary).YOU CAN EMAIL THE PHOTO IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO UPLOAD ONE DURING THE APPLICATION PROCESS. 

"With the number of photos we receive, if you do not add your name to the photo file there is no way to know it is you".


Please be sure it is a quality image and will keep it's proportions if it needs to be cropped to fit the ID. Try to keep some space around the image that will be used for the ID.

image yes.png     image no.png

apply for press pass

* After Completion of the registration form, and you upload your photo you will be directed to the Web Registration/Login Form OR receive an additional email directing you to the US Press Association Member "Web Registration/Login" page. 

WHEN CREATING A USER LOGIN, THE DISPLAY NAME MUST BE YOUR NAME OR THE NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION OR PUBLICATION. Please make not of your username and password. Follow instructions on creating a username and password (no spaces, case sensitive etc).
After completing this step and all information has been validated, you will be able to log in to the USPA website within 8 hours.


Do not attempt to create a user name and password without doing so through the Web Login Signup Form. If you attempt to create a user profile any other way, you will not be able to log in, and multiple failed attempts will block your IP address and you will not be able to access the site without contacting us and removing the banned IP address.

After receiving the complete member application, we will process your membership and prepare your custom USPA ID for you and send it via email or ship it to you based upon your initial selection. 

For email/digital delivery, orders will be (processed) within 24 hours with the exception of orders placed between Friday after 5PM EST and 10AM Sunday EST. When choosing expedited shipping, please take into consideration that there will be (one day that will account for processing time). For example, if you choose 2nd day shipping it will take 3 days for your package to arrive. Same exception will apply if there is a 2nd day order placed on Friday, there will be 2 additional days due to USPS standard hours of operation of Monday through Saturday. 

Depending upon membership choice, you will be able to access different areas of the website. If you have a Pro Membership you will have the option to maintain your own column if you choose as well as other Pro member features. All members will be able to customize their profile, add various information (personal website info, profile photo, email etc). All members will be added to the USPA database for ID and credential verification.

While this process can be done over time, it is best to try and complete the application steps all together. Simply follow the instructions given at the beginning of each step and at the end of each step.
There are additional circumstances that may contribute to longer processing times: PayPal non verified address, eCheck Payments, First time PayPal users, Phone Orders, not completing all fields in the membership application etc. In some instances PayPal will hold funds until information is confirmed. These instances are rare and should not add any additional time to processing your order.

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