News Item: "Seed Chicago" Launch Party Expands Its Roster
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Monday 06 April 2015 - 13:22:35

Chicago, IL – March 31, 2015 – The upcoming launch party for the eighth round of Seed Chicago, Accion Chicago's curated Kickstarter page, is being held at the Chicago Innovation Exchange (1452 E. 53rd Street) on Tuesday, April 14, 2015. This event will feature hosts Nature's Little Recyclers (the urban Vermiculture pioneers from the Back of the Yards neighborhood) and their “No More Landfills” project, as well as their fellow Seed Chicago project owners. The event is open to the public, but requires free online registration through Eventbrite at CLICK HERE. The first of these campaigns is Steve Hughes of Otis Fresh Market. His “Organic Things In Season” project is seeking funding to acquire transportation infrastructure to directly deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to their customers across Chicago. Secondly, Functional MobileWear LLC is debuting their fund-raising effort for “TransparencyNOW! Wearables”, a modular tactical container for smart phones, that will allow law enforcement easy and inexpensive implementation of “body cams”. The “No More Landfills” project by Nature's Little Recyclers is seeking funding to upgrade and expand their worm-composting waste processing facilities … significantly reducing the amount of trash that would otherwise be discarded in over-stressed area dumps. The Seed Chicago initiative, funded by MillerCoors and managed by Accion Chicago, is an innovative program that uses Kickstarter’s online crowdfunding platform to highlight local, impactful small business and community development projects that create jobs and economic growth in Chicago’s neighborhoods. There have been 28 successfully funded Seed Chicago projects since its creation in 2013. These projects have raised more than $350,000 from nearly 5,000 backers and have created 70 jobs or workforce training opportunities in Chicago.” Seed Chicago is a direct result of the Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs, developed by World Business Chicago at the request of Mayor Rahm Emanuel in March 2012 in order to accelerate Chicago’s economic growth. For more information about the event: CLICK HERE

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