News Item: Daddy Down
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Posted by USPA
Monday 10 September 2012 - 19:44:27

Many of you are already quite aware of the denial of service style attack executed on today. In fact, there are probably many of you that lost some form of service as a result. You may have been inconvenienced by not having access to your email, or maybe your website was down most of the day. We're not going to sit here and slam GoDaddy for this. That is not to say that what happened today was not highly inexcusable. The truth is it is inexcusable. The fact that products provided to thousands upon thousands of people and totaling into the hundreds of thousands of products and services was breeched in such a manner is simply wrong. It became clear just how vulnerable they / we really are.  Here at the US Press Association we have in the past discussed choosing other services for hosting and other IT related products we use. We have had discussions pertaining to security with regards to GoDaddy. We are no stranger to malicious web based attacks while using GoDaddy services. Here we are again experiencing similar issues. Yet the fact remains that GoDaddy does offer great services with more than fair cost as well as a top notch customer service department. We can only hope that these security issues do not come as a result of offering their products and services at too low a cost. It is clear that the cost is high.  We kind of sat back today and took all of this in stride. Some of us could check email, others could not. We reflected on memories of past security issues. It did not affect us the same way it affects other types of news organizations. Our purpose is to provide more of a supporting role to journalist, not reporting on and posting late breaking news. It does not take away the fact that while we typically do not post breaking news, this event did take away our option to do so, and that is unacceptable. The event today should cause us to pause for a moment to really comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of living in this digital age. Were you running around frantically today asking yourself what you can do to fix this? Were you cursing at Bob Parsons GoDaddy's founder because your site was down and not making money? What was it and when was it stated anywhere that these things were all guaranteed services that we will always have and never lose for more than 30 minutes at a time? It's a wakeup call to say the least. While this event is or at least has not been typical, what's to say it won’t be? There are various stories that can be tied to today’s event. Some of these past issues, others some more recent news surrounding GoDaddy and their support for the highly unpopular (SOPA) Stop Online Piracy Act Bill. We will be touching on that issue as well as others in the near future, but for now "whewwwwww, our email is back".  

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