News Item: Pauls Valley Flooding And Damages Done
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Monday 25 May 2015 - 16:51:32

Pauls Valley Oklahoma- Not since 1987 has the town of Pauls Valley Oklahoma seen this much rain at one time. Topping now over 18 inches of rain with still no end in sight the towns people are preparing for the Washita River to bust its banks just as it did in 1987 flooding the entire town. Today store owners are rushing to sand bag their businesses and board up what they can. Most store owners are putting things high up off the floor preparing for such a flood. There is no doubt it will bust the banks in the next few days, it’s already over the banks but all the water up north has yet to fall into the river which will cause it to go way over the banks flooding the small community. Just down the road 3 miles with the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoo right at the bank line. The zoo has been pumping water 24 hours a day trying to keep the animals above water level. It’s hard to keep the water out when all the lakes are over flowing down into the zoo “Says” Joe Schreibvogel, Zoo Spokesperson. We have hauled in over 38 tons of gravel so far just trying to keep the compounds where the animals live above water level and it’s hard when it just won’t stop raining, “He Stated”. Roofs are caving in on the houses and trees are uprooting from the saturated ground. We are going to need a lot of clean up help along with financial help once this is over. 
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