News Item: Two Weeks On Brooklyn Street Art - 06.23.13
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Posted by Jaime Rojo
Monday 24 June 2013 - 14:51:21

Here’s our weekly interview of the street, this week featuring Creepy, Chris RWK, David Smith, Enzo & Nio, How & Nosm, JR, Pennygraff, Shai Dahan, This is Awkward, Veng RWK, and Werds. 
Top image > Enzo & Nio are now property managers? This is confusing. (photo © Jaime Rojo)JR (photo © Jaime Rojo)Pennygaff did this tribute ...Read More
Specter in Vladivostok, Nahodka and TokyoStreet Artist and fine artist Specter hails from Brooklyn but has been traveling a lot and has been creating some interesting work in Russia and Tokyo, two places not typically mentioned during Western discussions of the street art scene – but we’d be remiss to miss. 
“I was invited to Russia from my friend Pasha Shugurov ...Read More
BSA Film Friday 06.21.13Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. 
Now screening: Sofles is Infinite, How & Nosm do a Times Square Gig, and DMJC Crew en Pura Calle in Lima Peru. 
BSA Special Feature: 
SOFLES – Infinite 
Shooter/Editor Selina Miles takes the time-lapse genre up a level in this bubonic bass ...Read More
What’s Up in San Francisco. New From Aryz, Polka, Slow, Esk, and GosselToday we check in with some recent work in San Francisco, including new stuff from Aryz, David Polka, Ben Slow, Esk, and Greg Gossel. 
We start off with the large mural of an apple cheeked farm girl by Aryz that went up over the course of a week in a tough part of the Tenderloin over ...Read More
MURAL Festival in Montreal Stakes a Claim for Street Art NorthThe MURAL Festival in Montreal took over Saint-Laurent Boulevard over the weekend with the work of more than 25 local, national and international Street Artists working separately and in concert across large walls for this first ever event, and many have taken notice. Nevermind the gossip on the street about mayoral corruption and an ongoing rancorous ...Read More
Joe Caslin, Street Art Portraiture, and ‘Our Nation’s Sons’When you take a step back to observe some of the personal campaigns that Street Artists have launched over the last decade or so, it begins to come into focus that in many ways people are trying to reclaim the public sphere for the everyday person. It’s far more complicated than that, but using the same ...Read More
Mural Festival in Montreal: Day 4DAY 4 at #MuralFestival 
Drawing to an end in Montreal, the artists are completing their murals even as the vendors and weekend art fans vacate the scene. Montreal enjoyed a heavy hammering of wall spectacle going up, paint battles being splashed, and throngs of fans going through many venues as there were more cameras than beers ...Read More
Images of the Week: 06.16.13Big week for street festivals on BSA where we blew up our server on the LODZ murals in Poland, the MURAL Festival in Montreal, and now the most community based of them all – the Ad Hoc Wellington Court block party Street Art jamboree thing in Queens, which we have some new images of today. ...Read More
Mural Festival in Montreal. Day 3DAY 3 at #MuralFestival 
Images are coming into focus as Street Artists are completing large portions of their walls at the first MURAL Festival in Montreal – even as the walls go back out of focus at night when you are having a couple of the local beers that make the city the second largest beer ...Read More
Mural Festival in Montreal, Day 2DAY 2 at #MuralFestival 
The Mural Festival is well underway and the Saint-Laurent Boulevard route is getting festooned by A’Shop, Chris Dyer, En Masse, Escif, Gaia, Jason Botkin, Le Bonnard, LNY, Other (AKA Troy Lovegates), Omen, Paria Crew, Phlegm, Ricardo Cavolo, ROA, and Wzrds GNG, among others. 
Here are exclusive on the scene photos for BSA readers ...Read More
BSA Film Friday: 06.14.13Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. 
Now screening: KLUB7 “Sleepless in Lyon’, Black Flag and the Art of Punk, and The Ghost Army. 
BSA Special Feature: 
KLUB7 – Sleepless in Lyon 
Klub7, who are not always 7 in number but who seem like there are 77 of them ...Read More
Montreal Has The Spotlight: MURAL Festival, Day 1DAY 1 at #MuralFestival 
Starting today in Montreal is MURAL, a four day open-air market on Saint-Laurent Boulevard that turns into a Street Art party. Running June 13-16, the 2 km street will be clobbered by about 20 Street Artists during the day, and dancing and cavorting at night. 
BSA is proud to bring you exclusive shots ...Read More
Roofing It in Brooklyn : A Summer Tradition on Top of the CityYour cousin Harvey is a “Roofing Technologist”, which he told you with spicy sausage and beer breath at the family BBQ on Memorial Day. He says it means that he has attained proficiency in roofing technology, including roof system types, roof system design and basic installation.  Also, he periodically patches holes with black boiling tar. 
As ...Read More
EVER, Immigrants, and the Eagles Wings in ChicagoStreet Artist “Ever” spread his wings in Chicago last week to radiate his kaleidoscopic vision of the immigrant multitudes across a huge expanse of wall in the Pilsen neighborhood.  Just outside the University Station Condominium, one the neighborhoods most diversely populated, this inclusionary vision of the American eagle refers directly to the experiences of the ...Read More
Large Murals Adorn The City Of Lodz In PolandThe city of Lodz in Poland is promoting the work of Street Artists from around the world as a way of creating a cultural re-invigoration of this city whose population is three quarters of a million.  Begun in 2009, the Urban Forms Gallery has installed more than 20 large square paintings on elevations in the ...Read More
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