Cameron Trading Post located directly off Highway 89 between Flagstaff and turn off for Tuba City is a mix of American, Mexican, and Native American food. The restaurant is located 21 miles from the Grand Canyon and overlooks the beautiful Colorado River Gorge.
The food is made from scratch daily and is a fusion of the three food cultures. This location is perfect for travelers with their lodging, restaurant, art gallery, garden with fountains, and a massive gift shop. The trading post opened in 1916 and welcomes everyone like a guest in their homes. Prior to being a trading post, the location served as an apothecary.
Many who stop here will be hungry after the many outdoor adventures found near the trading post. The adventures include:

Grand Canyon exploring

river rafting

Exploring Colorado River Gorge
 Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument
Wupatki National Monument
The Navajo experience
Antelope Canyon

The menu is filling for each meal of the day. Accommodating to many foodies, appetites, and diets. You can enjoy breakfast until 11 AM, but the remainder of the menu is available until closing. There is no alcohol at this restaurant, but they do offer a wide selection of coffees, juices, teas, sodas, milkshakes including Prickly Pear (a must try if you have never had this great desert fruit), and non-alcoholic beer.


Navajo pancake this is a blue corn pancake
Prickly pear stuffed french toast this is French toast served sandwich style with a prickly pear jam and cream cheese
Warrior Surprise is a mini-Navajo Taco topped with one egg


Southwest taco salad served with a prickly pear cactus fruit vinaigrette
Gunslinger ham and cheese with diced green chile to the classic ham and American cheese sandwich
Navajo burger A juicy burger patty served on Fry Bread with salsa and all the trimmings (this was a delicious choice)


Nakahee Becheeyeh ( means south of the border)  includes a pork tamale, a meaty beef taco, and one cheese enchilada

Served with tortilla chips, our spicy homemade salsa, refried beans, rice, and your choice of red or green chile

Trout dinner with lightly breaded fish that is grilled
Liver and Onions Beef liver grilled with onions and bacon

Served with soup or salad, a fresh mini loaf and a choice of mashed potatoes, baked potato, French fries, sautéed vegetables or rice pilaf.

Each dish enjoyed this evening brought a new experience to something familiar. We enjoyed the Navajo burger (with a vegetarian patty), club sandwich (served gluten-free) and Navajo taco (made with Blue Bird flour). Ellie enjoyed a milkshake and nibbling off everyone's plate. Miss "Foodie" (Ellie) really recommends their fantastic french fries.  The menu includes the Navajo language providing a fun conversation with the staff.  We enjoyed the local flavors with the expansion of cultures. The food to the ambiance provided a complete experience with cultural diversity.  
The dining room is a place that feels like a large welcoming dining room. It is decorated in traditional Native America artifacts and a large stone fireplace, it was a beautiful addition to the atmosphere and ties well with the menu. The ceiling is pressed tin is so intriguing.  The beauty outside the cathedral windows is breathtaking. You can see the gorge and the suspension bridge (built in 1911 for highway 89 traffic) from this location. The sunsets here are magnificent with the gorge and bridge.

[Submitted by Tammy Forchion]

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