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One of the most important tools a journalist or others in media can possess is their press ID/press credentials which can be used to help them acquire a press pass or media pass. It is press credentials that constitute proof of your journalistic occupation. Even simple accreditation processes often require credentials. Press/Media credentials should not be confused with a press pass. There are sites that blur these definitions. A "press pass" is something that would be issued by an (event organizer, venue, producer) etc, an organization can not issue a card that will allow someone, even a journalist to simply have access to a site or venue. Beware of sites making claims that they are giving you a "press pass". Credentials or some other type of verification are typically required for someone to issue an individual a press/media pass.

Getting A Press Pass As A Blogger, Photographer, Videographer Or Other Press/Media  - The US Press Association, THE USPA Can Help You

The US Press Association THE USPA  is the organization that pioneered the concept of bloggers, photographers, videographers as the new forefront of new media. The organization has the largest and most diverse member base of journalists, press photographers, photojournalists, videographers, bloggers, podcasters, radio personalities, audio engineers, reporters and many others worldwide. 
If you have questions about getting a Press Pass for Bloggers, please feel free to contact us and we can help explain how the USPA member ID and credentials along with our assistance can help you acquire press passes.

Not only is the USPA the best solution for a national press card, it has renowned acceptance as an international press card!

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