Lists of journalist organizations. Ones that are safe and ones to avoid.

We know it can be confusing when you are trying to decide what professional organization you will join and therefore attach yourself to!

The choices have grown over the past decade but unfortunately some of the websites you may come across are less than forthcoming when it comes to how they can really help and support you.

We've go ahead and created a list of the different organizations, groups and websites that are out there that either offer or claim to offer help and support of varying degrees to you as either a freelancer or professional.

In an effort to be impartial, we have created the list in alphabetical order. The following list(s) are US websites that do offer or claim to offer (press credentials, media credentials, freelance press credentials and even those that claim to offer some type of magic "press pass" they claim will get you into any place you want. (be sure to avoid the latter)