Utilizing your international press identification card & credentials to get a press pass/media pass

Typically once the organizers of an event or P.R. firm handling media requests for an event are contacted, the freelancer or journalist must send in a formal request.

It is important a freelancer or journalist to mention their readership/viewership/listenership information, particularly in cases where a limited number of press passes will be issued.

Many record companies or concert promoters will limit press access. In many cases the journalists with the greatest reach will receive access. A photographer's access to a concert may only be good for the first 10 minutes of the show or the first 3 to 5 songs; after this, the photographers are usually escorted from the stage area.

A writer's access to a concert may only grant them access to designated areas, and possibly a ticket to sit in the audience for the entire show.

Interview requests should also be detailed in the written request.

When utilizing press ID or press passes to cover an event, it helps to send a copy of all footage or published material to the P.R. Firm or Media Relations staff who handled press access for the event.


Sending copies to submissions@uspressassociation can help in cases where a tearsheet or CD of footage/audio is not provided. This helps by displaying your news, stories, photos or videos to a broad audience for recognition and can prevent being blacklisted or sent a bill for the cost of tickets/admission if no work has been made available to the general public for viewing.