Welcome To The US Press Association

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We wish to welcome you as a fully accredited new member the US Press Association. We hope to be able to serve you in many ways.

Through the USPA website, you will start to become familiar with the people and activities that make this organization special. To receive our newsletter via email, please subscribe online at uspressassociation.org

There are many ways for our members to get involved.  We are always working with a number of event coordinators, and other organizations to help provide resources for you and others involved in journalism.  If you would like more information about any of these, please call or visit our website.

Please bookmark our website, where you will find information on our programs and upcoming events. If you are a fan of social media, visit us on Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to become a fan of ours there too!

All levels of expertise are welcome to join our organization, from beginner to expert and participation and sharing is greatly appreciated.

Thank you again for joining!

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