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Tuesday 14 May 2013
Read/Post Comment: 0 Posted by Jaime Rojo


Images of the Week: 05.12.13Here’s our weekly interview of the street, this week featuring B.D. White, Col Wallnuts, Dan Witz, Greg LaMarche, Jon Hall, Josef Kristofoletti, JR, Mr. Penfold, Mr. Toll, and W.The inaugural wall from a new program called “The Big Brush” by commercial outdoor advertising company Colossal went up this week in Brooklyn featuring a work by ...Read More
Street Artist XAM Has First Solo and Flies High With IDEAS CITYFlying high with his Urban Habitat project for IDEAS CITY and the New Museum, Street Artist XAM has been creating site specific eco-friendly aviary homes in lower Manhattan on the street out where birds are most likely to see them, and use them for food and shelter. If you have the opportunity to speak with ...Read More
BSA Film Friday: 05.10.13Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. 
Now screening: Narcélio Grud Food Painting, Beerens Snail Work, El Mac’s promo for “Sangre Nueva”, and Doug Aldrich and Sam Octigan create a canvas. 
BSA Special Feature: 
“Tropical Hungry” food painting with Narcélio GrudYou are what you eat, son, so stay away from ...Read More
NohJColey Talks About The Deception of IndependenceArtist Talks About His New 4 Panels Across from Woodward Gallery 
Today we’re checking in with artist NohJColey, whose work we’ve featured many times and who continues to surprise viewers on the street with his distinctive style, well considered narratives and somewhat cryptic symbolism. It is great to watch an artist grow, and NohJ gets better ...Read More
Exclusive: London Police Use Child Labor (VIDEO)This brand new behind-the-scenes video of the Street Artists called The London Police proves how wrongly named they are! See exactly what they have been doing to innocent children as they prepare for their new show that opens in East London Thursday night. 
We fully expect that once people are made aware of the extreme lengths ...Read More
Hellbent, Abstractions and “The Mixtape Series” in NYCIn-Studio Visit With the Guy Who Took His Street Name from Richard Hell 
“Even Romantics Love Violence”, Hellbent’s first solo gallery show unveils the graffiti / Street Artist doing a new collection  in abstraction, “The Mix Tape Series”.  With each piece named after a song he was listening to while creating it, the series testifies to ...Read More
Museums Go Outside to Play With the KidsShots from “Ideas City” 
As museums continue to look for ways to bring in the kids, they are finding that one way to do it is to go outside and play with them. 
Last year The Brooklyn Museum had a really successful GO at engaging people with community-curated programming that put people in touch with the young ...Read More
eL Seed and Jaye in New York NomadicallyTunisian-French Street Artist eL Seed is in New York right now to showcase his unique hand at calligraffiti, a genre of graffiti that has steadily grown in the last few years as traditional graffiti writers have tried their hand at differently stylized executions of lettering. Together with Jaye, a more traditional graffiti writer from Tunisia, ...Read More
Images of the Week: 05.05.13  Feliz Cinco De Mayo to all the Mexicanos/Mexicanas in the NYC today! Actually it’s more of a beer company sponsored holiday for los gringos but What the Infierno, it’s a big Spanglish Sunday in our multicultural city. Yo, speaking of spanish, check out José Parlá above rocking the installation he did with JR on a wall ...Read More
MTO and IEMZA Open “Doors of Perception” in Abandoned BuildingInstallation Shows That It Is All In “Le Grand Jeu” (The Big Game) 
Ask your average party-hearty college student how to open the doors of perception and they’ll give you a knowing look and point you to the nearest bong. We may think that the mind-expanding explorations of art students began with the hippies in the ...Read More
BSA Film Friday: 05.03.13Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. 
Now screening: Gorey & PAL Crew at Klughaus, Crack & Shine – PAL Crew Profiled, Jilly Ballistic: Wild in The Streets, and JR: INSIDE OUT 
BSA Special Double Feature: About Spraying Buildings 
Feature 1. Gorey & PAL Crew at Klughaus 
We highlight these two ...Read More
FKDL and His Vintage Glamour WomenNew Wall Celebrates Audrey Hepburn for her May 4 birthday in the Brussells district she was born in. Liz Taylor is her special guest. 
There are many references to pop culture, movies, fashion, and celebrity that have appeared in Street Art in the last decade or so, thanks to our full immersion in the National Entertainment ...Read More
Apolo Torres From Sao Paulo To BushwickIt’s all long limbs and long necks, bending forward to face the journey ahead.  Since last talking to the Brazilian Street Artist Apolo Torres we find that he has been studying the figure, color theory, and the love of painting in New York for a few months. “I came here to study and I didn’t ...Read More
Saber and Rostarr Compare and Contrast at OperaNow through May 11 graffiti/fine artists Saber and Rostarr are on view at Opera Gallery in Soho in lower Manhattan in a dual show that contrasts the styles of both while revealing similarities.Saber (photo © Jaime Rojo) 
The west coast graffiti celebrity Saber continues to build heavy layers upon his work, carved and chipped away to ...Read More
Futura on a Wall in Mexico City with XGutetto 666Brooklyn’s own FUTURA just visited Mexico City and here we have a few pics of him working on a new wall there.  The graff master and abstract fine artist has reached such celebrity status that just showing up and being his humble charming self makes a lot of people in the graffiti and Street Art ...Read More
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