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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Author: "Abbe Sparks"


The Marvelous Miles Davis Gets Way Cool Biopic

The marvelous Miles Davis finally gets a way cool biopic that exhumes the truth about the legendary man of jazz and more. Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool directed by Emmy Award-winning Director Stanley Nelson tells the true tale behind his music ...


Why Women Roar For Equality

Why do women roar for equality? It is incredulous that in 2017, this question still needs to be answered. Yet, after a personal encounter


September Sparks Awareness for Suicide Prevention, Food Safety

September Sparks awareness for many worthwhile health and social justice initiatives including Suicide Prevention, Food Safety, Ovarian & Prostate, Cancers and more.


Music Legends Rock The Cape for Opioid Abuse Programs

With opioid addiction at an all time high, Massachusetts community & Music Legends banned together Wednesday night to raise awareness & funds for Cape Cod.


Travelin Southern Blues-Rocker Tinsley Ellis Total Recall

Insider Story of Southern Blues-Rocker Tinsley Ellis: Total Recall. On top of his game today, but it wasn't always that way.

March Brings Awareness for Women's History, Brain Injury and More

March brings awareness for Women’s History, Music Education, Brain Injury, Reading and a host of other wonderful causes. Here are a few we highlight this month.


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